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Planning for the future

Every year is different, and so is our growth. It's getting better by the day and we have all our team members, followers and others we draw inspiration(s) from to thank.

We also thank everyone who have and is continually reaching out to us through DMs, email and all the great ways of communication. We are always learning from you and will continue to build a better reporting system for the beautiful game of soccer.

We do have lot of projects we are looking at, to create more opportunities for creative minds, soccer players, local soccer brands, local soccer teams come 2020.

To kick off, we have a list of players and interesting brands and teams we are interested to interview. They have a lot to offer the soccer community in terms of development, the culture and their passion for the beautiful game.

Here are some of the Players and Brands

Francisco Lopez, Brandon Alfaro, Vidali Abarca, Briana Hernandez, Jesus Arambula, Noah Lindo, Jose Daniel Juarez, Makena Cook, Christian Urisegoli, Osman Roa, Renan Santos, Tiago De Morais, Charly Ulloa, Bola, FTBLR, CRACK, OH CHEEKY, STREET SOCCER COMPANY, SOCKATINES among others.

Apply here to be among these elite players

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