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The Inaugural Women's Professional Indoor Game

Making a significant impact in Arena Soccer, the Empire Strykers and MASL are putting Ontario, California on the map. They recently hosted the second exhibition between Men’s Mexico and the USA teams, and introducing the inaugural women's Mexico vs USA match. This ongoing narrative enhances the competition between the two soccer-loving nations, guaranteeing electrifying clashes regardless of the game's location. The debut women's match was an intense back-and-forth showdown, with Mexico clinching an 11-8 victory over the US. Standout performances from Joanna Rosas (3 goals) and Angie Morales (4 goals) of team Mexico were highlight-worthy, with Angie being named the 2023 Player of the Match.

Despite the defeat, the US team showed a commendable spirit, driven by seasoned professional players like Lauren Sesselmann and emergent talents like Jaiden Anderson and Gisele Thompson. This inventive progression portends a promising upward trend for women's soccer, incentivizing not just the US but also the global community to cultivate indoor professional women's leagues. This initiative by MASL could lay the groundwork for a fresh sports arena, symbolizing a more inclusive and progressive future for soccer.

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