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Terms & Conditions


Membership is open to all.

Everyone must be approved by the Admin to gain access to certain members community areas like MVP members, Team members, etc


Comments & Likes


Much as we’ll like them, we are very keen on respect and appropriateness. Any rude or bullying comments will be deleted and member deactivated.




Only approved writers have access to posting on the community post. Members only have access to commenting which is at the bottom of every post.  

To become a writer, one has to be approved by the Admin.


Roles & Responsibilities


All members have the opportunity to get promoted to other roles like Moderators, Writers and Admins. These roles are only awarded to members that ask for them and have shown loyalty to the community and are very respectful of the forum.


Failing to adapt to the terms and conditions of the community will mean termination from the community.


Much as we provide a place to share, learn and grow, we expect respect and discipline at all times.


Our aim is to provide a safe and open environment to love and share about your soccer teams. Members who pose a threat to others may not just get terminated but further actions like alerting the authorities will follow.

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