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Los Angeles Galaxy were able to snap a three-game losing streak by defeating FC Dallas 2-0. Both goals were scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (17th and 18th of the season). L.A. Galaxy had less possession of the ball throughout the game (45%). Using the speed and talent of the newcomer, Cristian Pavon, L.A. Galaxy shows something that had been lacking for the last 10-games, the ability to attack from all sides of the pitch.

Guillermo Schelotto’s made some changes to the starting lineup from previous game:

Starting lineup provided by L.A. Galaxy at (

The changes to the starting lineup were to be expected, specially with the number of games that the L.A. Galaxy are going to be playing within a 10-day span. Schelloto had to make changes in order to have the team ready for their upcoming match this Saturday August 17th with the Seattle Sounders, as they fight to earn a spot in the playoffs as well as home field advantage.

In the first half, there were a lot of missed opportunities by the Galaxy and F.C. Dallas. At some point, this game felt that it would end in a 0-0 draw, because both teams were missing a lot of opportunities. In the 14th minute, Santiago Mosquera took a great shot on goal that David Bingham was able to deflect just enough for the ball to bounce off the crossbar.

With the lack of finishing, Guillermo Schelloto made some substitutes, He brought in Antuna and Favio Alvarez. From the moment that F. Alvarez and Antuna stepped onto the field, you could see that the game positively changed for the home team.

The L.A. Galaxy started playing a more fluent and attacking style, taking 11 shots and 5 of them on goal. Cristian Pavon earned his first assist, after playing 2 games. The first scoring opportunity started when Cristian Pavon found open space on the left wing and passed the ball to Jorgen Skjelvik, whom ran down towards the endline and placed a perfectly ground cross pass to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for his one-touch goal in the 68th minute.

L.A. Galaxy second goal came as a result of a penalty kick awarded in the 81st minute. Cristian Pavon drew the penalty from RB Reggie Cannon and Zlatan Ibrahimovic took the opportunity and made it 2-0 for the home team.

With the addition of Pavon to the team, Favio Alvarez game has improved a lot. The chemistry shared between these two players is fun to watch. In addition, the technical ability that Pavon has, being able to place perfect passes, dribbling, and overall soccer smarts, he is making everyone around him better. In Zlatan Ibrahimovic words, "Pavon is a game changer!"

The L.A. Galaxy will face Seattle Sounders this Saturday August 17th at 7pm.

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