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LAFC vs Portland: LAFC Edges Portland 3-2 in a Thrilling Comeback Encounter

Photo by Gilbert Bita

Los Angeles, CA – In a dramatic match at BMO Stadium, Los Angeles FC (LAFC) secured a thrilling 3-2 victory over the Portland Timbers despite a spirited second-half comeback by the visitors. LAFC took an early lead with an own goal, but Portland mounted a fierce rally to tie the game, only to suffer a late red card that would ultimately swing the match back in LAFC's favor.

LAFC celebrating their goal
Photo by Gilbert Bita

The opening goal came in the 27th minute, when Portland's Kamal Miller inadvertently redirected a Bouanga cross into his own net while attempting to clear it. LAFC’s lead grew just before halftime when Timothy Tillman capitalized on a defensive lapse and slotted the ball past the keeper during stoppage time, putting the home side ahead 2-0.

Photo by Gilbert Bita

The Timbers emerged from the locker room with a renewed sense of purpose, and their comeback began in the 65th minute, with Jonathan Rodrigues smashing a shot past Hugo Lloris and the LAFC defenders. The equalizer came just eight minutes later, when Santiago Moreno controlled a high cross with his chest, tapped the ball forward, and fired a deflected shot into the back of the net, leaving Lloris no chance.

However, Portland's momentum took a hit in the 76th minute when Diego Chara, their experienced midfielder, received a red card for two quick yellow cards in succession. His first yellow card came in the 73rd minute, and his second just moments later for a reckless challenge, reducing the Timbers to 10 men.

With the numerical advantage, LAFC pressed for a winning goal. It came in the 92nd minute, as Denis Bouanga fired a powerful shot to the far post, hitting the post before crossing the line. This decisive strike sent the BMO Stadium crowd into a frenzy and sealed the victory for LAFC.

Denis Bouanga Celebrating his goal
Photo by Gilbert Bita

When asked about his winning goal and his emotions through the celebration, Bouanga said, "I’ve always been like that. I just hate to lose. I just want to win. I’m addicted to victory. So if I can score in the 94th minute, I’ll do everything [I can]. I love to hear the fans shouting my name, shouting the team’s name and everybody. So that’s why I was fired up.”"

LAFC vs Portland: The victory keeps LAFC in a strong position in the MLS standings, while Portland will need to regroup after a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful comeback attempt. Both teams showcased the excitement and unpredictability that Major League Soccer is known for.

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