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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Coach Gilbert's Los Amigos High School JV started the season with a tie against Rancho Alamitos High School aka Vaqueros.

Despite LOBOS dominating the game, Vaqueros were the first to the see the back of the net by nailing a header from a corner kick at the early stages of the match!

The LOBOS kept their heads up, kept the attacking going and soon enough it paid off! Maestro Leo raised the team spirit by firing a banger assisted by Brandon Alfaro. Daniel Benavides aka Danny boy touched in a cross by Alexis Gutierrez to give the LOBOS a 2-1 lead.

Victory was not on the LOBOS side as Rancho made an equalizing goal at the dying minutes of the game. Managing to deny LOBOS a win on the home field called for a victory for Rancho. Its almost like they were waiting for the last whistle!

On the other side of things,"We had the game!" some of the LOBOS players were heard talking to each other as they lined up for sportsmanship high fives with the Rancho players.

The tie was a huge step back and a wake up call to the team who promised to step for the next game!

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