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LOBOS fall to the LIONS on the CIF knockouts

Updated: May 17, 2021

Tough loss to the Los Amigos LOBOS as they fell to the Oaks Christian school LIONS 3-1 at Los Amigos High School.

“We lost the game in five minutes” one of the fans was heard talking at the sideline. Los Amigos conceded 2 goals in a span of 5 minutes causing a lot of tension for the LOBOS and giving more control to the LIONS.

Both teams went head to head in the second half, LOBOS hoping to cover ground and get the win despite loosing 3-1 in the first half.

The day was definitely not on LOBOS’ side despite numerous tries to attack the LIONS.

The LIONS advance to another knockout round.

Photos from the events are available here to download free or purchase frames or phone covers. Photos

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