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Monica Scudieri

Podcast Hostess

A deep-seated affection for soccer, which began at the tender age of 3, has led Monica to devote almost two decades of her life to this captivating sport. Born into an Italian family with a fervent interest in soccer, Monica naturally developed a profound attachment to the sport herself.

Her enthusiasm for the sport rapidly grew, stemming from her early morning experiences watching Italian soccer matches with her father followed by intensive training sessions in the evening. This passion was manifested in her early club soccer engagement at ten years old and continued with representation for her high school team, ultimately leading her to participate in collegiate-level competition at a Division 2, four-year university.

Having earned a degree in psychology, Monica spent a fulfilling four-year period working closely as a behavioral therapist for children diagnosed with autism. Concurrently, she dedicated her efforts to coaching soccer for children with special needs- an endeavor that harmonized her love for soccer with a steadfast commitment towards inclusivity and support.

In her present circumstances, Monica successfully navigates between her return to academia, where she is pursuing a degree in nursing, and her obligations towards soccer. Despite the demands of academic life, soccer still occupies a central role in her life- both as an active participant on the field and as an ardent spectator in the stands during her leisure time.

Monica Scudieri
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