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Palmdale Falcons Earned Victory in Extra Time

The falcons hosted Wilson High School In the 1st round of the CIF Soccer Playoffs. After defeating Quartz Hill last week and earning the Golden League Championship, the falcons earned the right to host the first round game.

The falcons started off controlling the pace of the game by maintaining possession and being able to dictate their style of play. Wilson HS started to play more defensively and would try to beat the offside trap time and time again. Nevertheless, the falcons dynamic style of play, would allow them to find the back of the net in the tenth minute of the first half. Edgar Rios would strike the ball from a very difficult angle to put the falcons ahead 1-0.

Wilson HS tied the game to 1-1 of a free kick that was sent to the back post where it was tapped in. Minutes later, Wilson HS would convert a penalty kick that would send them up 2-1 before the half.

The falcons would comeback from the break, and regained control of the ball. Time and time again, they would fire off shots and Wilson’s goalkeeper would denied them the opportunity to even up the score.

In the 30th minute of the second half, Abraham Diaz would equalize the score when he was able to dribble his way past the right back and placed a perfectly stricken goal to the bottom right side of the incoming rushing keeper, sending the home crowd wild in the stands.

At the end of regulation, the game would be tied and called for extra time to decide the winner. Both teams went head to head in the first half of extra times. In the second half of extra time, a penalty would be called when Brian Trujillo would be brought down in a clear scoring opportunity. Trujillo would take and convert the penalty kick to send his team ahead 3-2.

Wilson HS would continue to battle and would send out extra numbers to try to equalize the game. However, in a quick counterattack attack by the falcons, caught the team off guard and Wilmer Aguilar (El Venado), would score for the home team and reassuring that they would be moving forward in the CIF Playoffs.

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