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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Antelope Valley College Men’s Soccer Team (4-1-1) earned a big victory against an undefeated Clovis Community College 5-2. Clovis had only allowed one goal against them in five previous matches.

Clovis (4-1-1), a very strong and tactical team gave the Marauders a very tough first half. Clovis was able to control most of the possession of the ball during the first half, but the strong defensive line, which is lead by Dylan Gonzalez and Raymond Clark, dealt with the visiting team's attacking efforts and were able clear the ball out of danger on multiple occasions.

Both center backs were impressive in the defense. The defense only allowed two goals for Clovis, the first one came after a long range shot taken by Ryan Rosas, which hit the crossbar, with tremendous force that had the supporting fans in the stands reacting in disbelief, and the rebound being placed in the back of the net by Saul Sanchez in the 18th minute to make the game 1-0.

Brian Lima was brought down inside the box when he was attempting to cut back into the center and he earned the penalty kick, which he easily converted it by sending the ball to the bottom right corner of the net to make the score even 1-1.

In the second half, after a corner kick that was cleared by the Clovis' defense into the midfield, the ball was recovered by Alfredo Chinnery, whom crossed it back into the box, where Sebastyan Enriquez took a shot from about 15 yards and perfectly place the ball into the back of the net, allowing the Marauders to take the lead for the first time of the match.

Clovis continued to put numbers forward to no avail. The Marauders were able to maintain their defensive composure and were able to obtain possession of the ball and started to demonstrate their attacking arsenal that lead to a complete rout against the visiting team.

Video Highlights provided by Juan Vargas

AVC Men’s Soccer Coach Stupar, had the following to say about the team’s performance; “It’s nice to see us recover today from a lack of finishing from our last match to 5 goals versus a team which was undefeated and only had one goal scored against on the season, I’m proud of my boys!’

The third goal of the game was a result of a great overall team effort that started in the defensive line. The Marauders recovered the ball and a pass was sent to #10 Rodrigo Martinez, whom set up a perfect pass to Bryan Lima. The leading scorer was able to showcase his attacking talent by avoiding a slide tackle and put the ball pass the keeper to make it 3-1.

The fourth goal of the game was scored by Kevin Bougha, whom took a shot from inside the box after receiving the pass from Christian Gonzalez. A few minutes later, Clovis would earn a penalty kick that would be taken by Alton Yokley, to make the score 4-2.

In stoppage time, M. Cruz would get his first goal of the season to make it 5-2, an assist from Bryan Lima to mark the end of the rout of the visiting team.

Next up for the Marauders is the San Diego Invitational Tournament. Which is set to begin this Thursday, and depending on the outcomes, will play on Friday and Saturday as well.

Photography by William Ortiz

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