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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Antelope Valley College (2-0-1) started their pre-season this past week and had to play two games in four days against Imperial Valley College and Chaffey College earning them victories of 2-1 and 3-2 respectably.

Antelope Valley Soccer coach Jerry Stupar, in his 12th season as a college soccer coach, has assemble a squad of players that are very good defensively and is able to counter-attack their opponents very quickly and precisely.

Video Highlights provided by Juan Vargas.

The first goal of the night was scored by Chris Cortez (AVC), when an earlier header attempt initiated by Fabian Duran hit the crossbar and followed up goal by Chris Cortez for the 1-0 lead.

The second goal was scored by Joseph Perez in a quick counterattack from AVC, catching the visiting team’s midfielders off guard, and with two quick passes, Joseph Perez was able to dribble inside the box and take a right footed blast to send it pass Chaffey’s goalkeeper.

For the remainder of the game, Chaffey would try to control the possession of the game by playing one-to-two touch passes between their defensive line and midfielders. Chaffey’s first goal of the match came as a result of a bouncing cross sent inside AVC’s box, which the ball was touched by AVC’s captain, Dylan Gonzalez, and the referee called the penalty kick. The visiting team were able to put it in the back of the net for their first goal of the match.

AVC continue to play great defensively and were able to counterattack their opponent. AVC were able to take shots on goal that were blocked by Chaffey’s goalkeeper. Chaffey’s second goal came as a result of a mishandled ball by the defense. Chaffey’s forward was able to steal the ball back, in the process, drawing a foul inside the box, for the second penalty kick of the game and converting the kick which made the game tied at 2-2.

From this moment on, players from the visiting team started to show signs of fatigue and AVC started to take advantage by controlling the possession of the ball. Moving the ball with confidence, from all sides of the field. AVC started to show signs of their lethal play making by making the other team chase the ball. Both wingers were able to send long passes to make the visiting team chase the ball even more, thus allowing open spaces for AVC’s forward, Bryan Lima, to make runs and keep the visiting team on their heels.

As a result of having more possession of the ball, a through ball was sent to AVC’s Stricker, Bryan Lima, whom was able to maintain possession after a slide tackle by the Chaffey defender. Bryan Lima was able run around the defender, while the defender was trying to get up, kept possession of the ball, raised his head and delivered a dump pass to AVC’s number 10, Rodrigo Martinez, whom was fouled from behind and earning the penalty kick for the home team.

Rodrigo Martinez got up and requested permission to take the penalty kick and he converted the shot by sending the ball down and center of the net. The last few minutes of the game, the visiting team pushed forward and AVC’s defense was able to clear the ball from danger and earning their second win of the pre-season.

When asked about his thoughts about the game, coach Stupar answered, “I am proud of my guys for battling hard until 90 minutes and for their improved/composed finishing this match from our attacking group. Dylan Gonzalez had an amazing game on the back line and the dept chart was responsible for keeping us going strong until the final whistle”

Next game is this Friday September 6 vs Long Beach College.

Photography by William Ortiz and Video highlights by Juan Vargas.

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