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Dreams come true for Chastain Brandi's Plaque

Olympic & World Cup Champion, Dreams do come true!

These are words on Brandi Chastain's twitter profile.

Words of a true champion, celebrated by her team and nation for her hard work and performance.

Incase you missed out, here is some info on Chastain.

-Chastain is from San Jose, #thebayarea.

-She won championships for her school.

-She scored the winning penalty on the women's world cup champions in 1999. among other amazing soccer victories.

Back to the present, with all she has done on the soccer community she deserved an award worth her achievements.

Guess what? That did happen. However, what went viral was her plaque. It looking almost like anyone but her!

The plaque drew a lot of attention on its detail given it looked alot like other famous figures: Gary Busey, Jimmy Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt just to name a few.

To fix this of make it worse, Abys did a better rendition of her using their sauce! pic below...

We are left to wonder what the artist had in mind. Vote below on the comment section...

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