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Players from Hungary discipline our local athletes in Teqball.

Teqball is a ball sport that is played on a curved table, combining elements of football and table tennis. The sport has been growing rapidly since it commenced in Hungary. The sport was first played in 2014 and has now seen two world cup games. In 2019 and in 2021.

San Diego, California, hosted their first US Teqball tour tournament this passed weekend at Chula Vista Elite Training Center, January 15-16 where both male and female finals were broadcasted on ESPN 3 App.

While some of us were enjoying left overs from Christmas and new year, the athletes took no rest, they were back and fresh from the Teqball’s World Cup held in Poland on December 8-11 and brought with them guests in the US Teqball tour. The other nations represented were both male and female teams from: France, Hungary and Poland.

The first loss California has ever seen on the growing sport of Teqball at home with her reigning champs was when Players from Hungary were quick to discipline the infamous cup winners from New Jersey Teq Ballers & Bella Teq: taking over the first round of qualifiers in USA World Tour with what seems like snacks for the Semifinal on some easy quick smashes in games against the home teams, humbling all competition.

On the flip side of things, lines on the courts were slightly visible —And many tight calls , created many difficult moments for officials but a set up that demonstrated their significant style of taking charge and have games running fair.

Women’s double at the US tour cup match was comprised of USA’s players from New Jersey, Mia Valente and Kareli Rodriguez vs champion’s of Hungary, world champion finalist from the 2021 games Zsanett Janicek in the final against Brazilian Natalia Guitler, “Air Guitler” and get female partner Zsonia Blazcovics-Petri representing Phoenix, Hungarian unbeatable team this tourney. This alone spoke for itself, it was going to be a game of experience and dominance.

Starting off the set winning 10-8 first set, Mia Valente and Kareli Rodriguez were coming in close to taking, but unfortunately losing to the away team, quickly ending the second set 12-8 . The Hungarian female team seemed to have been taking easily with tactical plays, taking both sets and with absolutely no worry or pressure and remaining victorious.

Men’s Doubles followed soon after., Hugo Jean Rabeux and Julian Arnaud Grondin, of France, of club Mulhouse-Thann, losing the first round 11-12 to the first time partnered team Poland’s 3X singles champion Bartlomiej Frańczuk with also champion Martin Cserekyle, from the Infinity Teqball club in Poland, the tight match continued on to the 2nd set, where the French were able to obtain the win 12-8, moving on to the 3 set that ended In smashes by French Grondin 12-8 once more.

With an electric final that went to a 3rd set it was quite a way to start off the beginning the USA Teqball Tour. The French Players at the end of the match displaying their Jersey to the fan of the match, Anthony Chavoya, from the local University in San Juan Capistrano, California.

The Soko University had a wonderful time spending there Sunday learning the new sport, meeting top athletes from the US, France, Hungary and Poland this passed weekend

Report by:

Wendy Pintor

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