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Arizona shows presence in round two of Teqball challenger cups in Arizona

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Teqers had been at the Arizona Soccer Complex next door in Pinnacle Peak Rd but they moved, to a much bigger venue because of the growing number of Teqballers at this weekend's tournament.

Pic by Wendy

The AZteqers this weekend gained many victories. New teams being made at this particular tournament allowed others to compete against former champions, and new faces to take titles and rank up individually.

“I’m really excited to make it this far, I had never made it to playoffs, for me winning fourth place was a big accomplishment. “ said, Elvia Loredo as she also shared this special day with her new partner; Atzimba Palomares, who had never played before also added, “ I’m grateful for a great teammate and mentor, and honored to represent Arizona for the first time.”

Pic by Wendy

None the less Teqball in Glendale, Arizona is growing quickly, they are moving up fast, learning as they go, its really good time for the Arizona community as they continue to bring the beautiful game to life.

Both finals were duals between two teams, who are just more experienced, no matter the new teams rule changes. The Bella Teq organization stayed in both the tournaments representing the women’s side in the Doubles Challenger cup. Despite the teams going through new changes because of one new rule about switching teammates regularly, the rule had most teams adapting, winning and still happy with the sport and what it brings to them.

The highly ranked, Carolyn Greco from California , made it to the Co-Ed final with male partner Ruben Miranda, who is also very familiar with finals pressure. Unfortunately they came in short, but in a challenging match against the individual back to back champions themselves, LA Teqer Luka Pilic and New Jersey Teqballers Dennis Correia , winners of the Men’s-Coed Teqball Division final.

“Playing a female, especially like Carol, it’s amazing to see what she can do for the female side... that’s when you have to be ready to play whoever it is, and that gave us an extra push today to win it ” said, Dennis Correia of the New Jersey Teqballers

This isn’t the first time Greco takes on this type of pressure. The doubles match prepped her for the Women’s challenger cup final the following day when she went up against her cousin Kimberly Baker and former teammates Margaret Osmundson, who she taught and brought into the sport. Greco was quickly defeated in the second set 12-10.

“ Obviously I’m disappointed we didn’t get the win today but I am proud of both my cousin Kimmy and former teammates Margi,... bringing them in to the sport, and being part of their growth and seeing them win it, was a part of my hard work.” Said Greco who will also be in the upcoming Michigan challenger women’s cup representing Bella Teq.

“ We won, our one tournament, one and done we won’t be playing again but we did it this time around. And we’re happy we were able to win together.” Said Kimberly Baker minutes after the final match was over.

The new Women Teqball Champions Baker and Osmundson of LA, thrilled with their new victory, celebrated and also congratulated Greco in the interview, because if it wasn’t for Greco these two wouldn’t have even been part of the sport.

“ We train together, it’s friendly competition, our biggest competition, it pushes us to be better, the end goal is to keep empowering the female athletes in the sport.” Said Margi Osmundson

The women’s Teqball division continues to blossom and with really good friendly competition in between. Both Men and Women are looking to compete in Michigan for the next challenger cup and bring home some more medals.

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