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Bellateq hosts 30 teams and their first women’s Teqball challenger Cup in history

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

This weekend Bellateq hosted 30 teams from all walks and made history by hosting their first females challenger cup.

The growing sport saw a great turn out on day one, drawing local teams (LAteqers, Bellateq, HBteqers among other locals )and out of states teams like Teqball AZ and AZteqers who drove across state lines to come compete.

The pair Frankie Diaz and Correia Dennis put up a show in the finals vs Berriel Andres and Miranda Rubem. This was a match for the pros. Both teams have had a better experience in the game and it was more of who will make critical mistakes.

The rally only lasted two rounds with Frankie’s team knocking the duo out. On the bright side they are all part of LAteqers, so in the end, the win stayed home.

On the next day, Bellateq’s only women’s challenger cup was blessed with a great deal of women teqers and a turn out from the upcoming Angel City women’s team reps.

Angel City duo Monica Corea and Megan Fish made it to the semi finals and came out 4th in their first ever Teqball tournament.

It’s obvious who won, the question is, do you think they were going to pull it off again?

“We are ready this time”

“We are ready this time” AJ told us ahead of their game. The two had a very smooth run in this tournament and it was very much confidence running in their veins for this final round that was also technically a rematch from AZ tournament a few weeks ago.

Carol and her cousin Baker were out to win and they meant business.

“We are the same team and these are my friends...” Carol Greco told us during the interview after their second victory vs Margaret and AJ duo.

Carol Greco and Kimberly Baker are still the champs and will be traveling to AZ in May for another tournament.

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