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NP United edges out South Bay Futsal

Updated: Sep 28

The United Beach Soccer League hosted their first ever men's beach soccer league as it served for the purpose of providing a platform to male soccer players to compete and gain more experience on the sand.

South Bay Futsal - a local soccer community that provides a variety of futsal and beach soccer pickup games to the community walked into the Match Day 3 undefeated. Given that it was their first time competing in a beach soccer league, it was quite impressive on how they recruited players and composed their team to having a great first season.

NP United - a soccer program based in San Diego, California has spent many of years supporting young male soccer players through Football 11 and beach soccer. While the NP United boys had a bit of experience on the sand, they did come into Match Day 3 with a loss to South Bay Futsal.

Both teams breezed by in their semi-final games which led them to meeting again in the final to determine the league champions. South Bay Futsal took a 2-0 within the first period and that held over for a big portion of the game which then progressed forward and ended in a 3-3 draw stalemate. After a 3-minute extra-time, both teams took it to the penalty marks. Both Goalkeepers together made 5 saves during the penalty kicks which created a lot of tension and nerves as it is came down to the 8th shooter to decide the winner. With South Bay Futsal having their last PK blocked, NP United had to carry the pressure of scoring and ending the game, or miss and go another round. Needless to say, NP United stayed composed and finished the game by sending the goalkeeper into the wrong direction allowing the referee to blow the final whistle to grant NP United as the 2023 UBSL Champions. We want to give an honorable mention to Jordi Lozada (NP United) as the league's top goal scorer, Jordan Kittrell (South Bay Futsal) as the league's MVP, and Carlos Ortega (South Bay Futsal) as the league best goalkeeper.


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