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Short-handed BeachSoccer LA wins Copa Cabana tournament in Long Beach

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

BeachSoccer LA won Copa Cabana tournament this past weekend despite having one sub and two new recruits in their roster. It felt like a struggle but the team had their spirits fired up pushing the first time beach soccer players ; Shayla Sakkakhanaune ( Yes that's actually her name 😊 ) and Achieng Achieng, Kenyan born athlete.

The BeachSoccer LA team comprised of:Christine Yount (GK), Kelly Garzon (C) , Jennifer Munoz , Jenn Garfias, Shayla Sakkakhanaune and Achieng Achieng.

The team kicked off with a 5-2 win, a 3-2 loss, a 7-0 win and finally winning the tournament with a 6-2 outcome.

Coach Brian Easler's team was shaken in their second game and had to win without conceding a goal to secure their spot during the finals.

The coach had to remind the players to control the game, to keep pushing and get as many goals as they could. At the end of the third game, BeachSoccer LA came out with a 7-0 victory and was left with the mountain of scoring two goals for every one their opposing team scored in the finals.

"I had no doubt in our team, we were going to win.." Jenn Garfias

"I had no doubt in our team, we were going to win.." Jenn Garfias told us at the end of the game. She also pointed to her injured toe that she and the team had to put up with to emerge victorious.

It is only a matter of time before we see the BeachSoccer LA team in action again. They are scheduled to play internationally and at a tournament set up by Brian Easler.

To learn more on how to join BeachSoccer LA or play in the Females tournament, reach out to Brian here.

Photos from the tournament can be found here

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