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Beach Soccer LA Women’s team becomes Champions despite a rough start

The Beach Soccer USA Champions 2022 came off to a rough start for the Beach Soccer LA women's team by suffering a 5-2 in their first game against the tournament favorites Shoreline BSC from San Diego. Advancing further, the Beach Soccer LA women's team understood they needed to take 6 points in order to qualify for the final. The BSLA ladies managed to pull off a 6-1 victory against the Dutch Lions and then took a 4-0 victory the following morning against the Beach Whales which led the ladies to qualify for the final.

Heading into the final, everyone knew that the match would be very physical. Shoreline already had a few beach soccer national team players on their roster and the BSLA ladies understood that they would be coming out with all of the experience that they head. At the start of the kick-off former women's national team coach and San Diego Wave owner Jull Ellis made an appearance to take the initial coin flip to determine the start of the match. Within just minutes the BSLA ladies took a 1-0 while hanging in with the physical players from the Shoreline squad. Going into the second period, the ladies came walked back into the field with the game being a 0-0 mindset as the score line was too close. At the end of the second period the score line was 3-0, but the score will not be able to tell you all of the close shots, fouls, and stops that this game had as many fans after the match mentioned to the players that it looked like a war out there.

At the start of the 3rd period, the players knew if that they got one more goal, then it was over. Needlesstosay, they ladies did just that and they were crowned as the first ever Beach Soccer USA Champions. BSLA's very own Kelly Garzon took the MVP best player award as she was consistent with her high-level performance throughout the entire event. While BSLA's Goalkeeper Emily Woodworth took home the Golden Glove after making some massive saves in the final that kept the BSLA ladies alive.

At the end of the final, the players received a standing ovation for their hard fought and well-earned victory and left the field with many young girls being inspired to get involved with the sport of beach soccer.

Article By Brian Easler

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