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Experience wins the game!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Beach Soccer Los Angeles kicked off their 2nd annual Copa Feminina on November 12th and 13th in Long Beach, California. This tournament featured teams from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Virginia, and Spain. The tournament heated up in the opening match with Beach Soccer VB defeating the experienced team in the tournament Higicontrol Melilla from Spain. Higicontrol Melilla brought some of the most experienced beach soccer players who have competed at national league levels in massive crowds. Beach Soccer VB was able to humble Higicontrol Melilla with a 3-1 standard setting game of the tournament.

Advancing forward from the 2021 edition, Copa Feminina 2022 had many surprises as there were multiple international players that joined the American teams along with 2 FIFA referees from the Bahamas.

Throughout the two day tournament, 92 goals were scored, with both Nikki Haimes of Coastal United and Rachel Hunter of Beach Soccer VB tying on top scores. Tournament Goalie award went to Vanessa Amaral (Cali Beach Soccer) and MVP was awarded to Ali Hall (Cali Beach Soccer)

The final game between reformed Cali Beach Soccer and Beach Soccer VB was nerve wracking . With Beach Soccer stepping their game at the 3rd quarter of the match scoring 2 goals back to back proving a threat to the already experienced players that only a matter of time and they were going to turn the tables.

"On the third period, they came back and scored a couple of goals on us but I think we have enough experience and, we worked together enough where we were able to settle down abit and we knew we could see it out for sure!"

History was made at this edition of Copa Feminina as the tournament received a lot of international exposure and interest as it is expected that there will be many more international teams and players that will be joining the 2023 edition.

Tournament MVP: Ali Hall (Cali Beach Soccer)

Top Goal Scorer: Nikki Haimes (Coastal United) & Rachel Hunter (Beach Soccer VB) tied with 6 goals

Best Goalkeeper: Vanessa Amaral (Cali Beach Soccer) Beach Soccer Los Angeles will be opening the 2023 calendar year with an all-women's beach soccer league. If you are interested in receiving more information about the league, then you can contact the league page via Instagram at:

EVENT PHOTOS can be downloaded here

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