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Day 1 with Iam Heshima

I am Heshima made it a successful day by distributing 1100 lb of rice to vulnerable families in Kenya. This also led to finding an isolated gentleman in ne of the communities in Busia, Kenya. The gentleman seemed malnourished and needed more than just food.

More on what will be the next cause of action will follow. Sometimes, it becomes a tough journey to stick to just meeting one need of a community!

I am Heshima matched out original 100 kg rice and added more to reach 500kgs. This helped cover more grounds than we expected and will be distributed in more than just one day. 500kgs will feed 200 families making our total number of families reached to 400.

We are still working on feed more with the help of friends and well wishers on out gofundme as well as some contributing through venmo.

Contribute on our gofundme by clicking here

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