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We are still braving the COVID19 scare to provide for families in Kibera

Despite the rising cases of Corona infections in kibera, TheFieldTalk braved the scare and continued with the rice distribution program. We visited Sisters of hope, a church based organization, to make our 100 kilograms of rice donation.

Most Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1 per day. The slum has more than 1 million inhabitants who lack access to basic services like electricity, running water and medical care. Nearly all houses here are wooden shacks with a mud floor and a tin roof — no toilets or running water.

Nevertheless, TheFieldTalk and other well-wishers are responding to the plight of Kibera residents. We donated 100 kilograms of rice to Sisters of Hope based in Adams, Nairobi who will then redistribute to needy families mainly in the slums of kibera.

Sisters of hope has been operational for over 10 years with the main aim of empowering impoverished women. They also offer holiday mentorship program and free computer training to young people.

Tom, who is the director of the Sisters of hope said the organisation is distributing food and water to Kibera residents in partnership with well wishers

"We already had an outreach program in Kibera, and we were giving residents foodstuffs even before the outbreak of coronavirus," said Tom, a director at Sisters of hope. "But right now we have extended our support to more people because of the economic difficulties the poor are going through after many lost jobs and businesses."

"We have reached out to many slum residents since the virus was confirmed in the country," he said. "We have distributed foodstuffs to the hungry, and we hope to continue doing so."

TheFieldTalk still reaches to well wishers to continue to partner with us in our mission to food on the table to the many needy families in Kenya. We set up a go fund me account where people can chanel their contributions

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