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Teqball comes to Arizona

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Teqball, being a “pandemic sport “ or not, wearing masks and being able to finally touch a soccer ball is more than enough for Arizona to host a tournament.

As Teqball continues to grow this 2021 the movement is attracting more and more players, from 12 years old's to former professionals, who just want to stay in shape, as new teams began to emerge, slowly fans are showing up and watching a new sport unfold, following all protocol rules at the Arizona Sport Complex.

The level of play is by far elite, all teams practice at a professional level, demonstrating their soccer skills with each touch on the table, the speed of play is quick, the pace sometimes varies, but even though, the intensity in the games can make them long the passion that the game brings is a friendly ambiance and an ambitious battle field, so it’s only up to your team to stay in the tournament.

The Teqballers are currently competing in a Challenger Cup in Phoenix, Arizona. Where the AZ Teqballaz, hosted the Challenger Cup tournament, it ended this Sunday being a fun experience for the participants. During the pandemic that continues, Teqball has been increasing within the community and in the states, simply just because its follows amid —COVID19 protocols, small gathering and also a good time.

Day one was made up of only Men’s doubles, precluding a handful of coed teams and Women’s Division on Day 2, the female division took part in this year's Challenger cup for the first time ever. The new division brought hope for the World's First Teqball girls team in the USA , Bella Teq, and Members, Carol, Nancy and Margie And also former Bella Teqers, Carol and cousin, obtaining the championship win, representing the entire female division.

The Men’s Division final, took on a intense three quarters, as LA Teqers took on former teammates, LA Teqers 3x’s champions, happily showed their opponent love saying “ … it always gets heated, but it's nothing but love genuinely love, its sounds impossible, crazy when were arguing like that but it really is, these guys did great but, I think we were the better team. And we deserved it.” Said, Lorenzini Brett, LA Teqers player. And as both divisions ended the weekend, Teq Ballers left excited as a new generation of females are being created with new opportunities for girls coming up behind them.

Twelve year old, Arizona twins Maya and Jordyn Salkind, came in at 4th place competing for the first time in a close match against members of Bella Teq and then losing in a tight 10-12 quarter, being defeated in the last quarter but gaining confidence and a fun new experience to implement in there local soccer teams,

“ my sister and I were just really excited to be here, everyone was really nice to us and we learned and want to comeback next tournament and win 3rd place.”

Hence the inexperienced Teqball was made for all ages.

Photos by: Wendy Pintor

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