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Pete Knight HS (8-1-1, Ranked 67th in the US and 13th in California) hosted Quartz Hill HS (2-3) in a hard fought match. The Rebels started off strong with a goal scored by Victor Jimenez in less than thirty seconds into the match. The Rebels seemed to be able to control the flow of the game for the first 15 minutes of the match.

After the first 15 minutes of the game, the home team moved its lines forward to put pressure on the defense and try to stop the speed of attack of the Rebels. In the 17th of the first half, the 1st goal for the home team would be scored by Mario Salcedo, whom sent the ball through the legs of the goalkeeper. The momentum of the game would changed for the remainder of the first half.

The Hawks were able to continue to press the defense and the game became very physically challenging for both teams in the midfield. With both teams committing hard fouls and making a statement that the game would not be easy for either teams.

In the 24th minute of the first half, the home team were able to counterattack and Jesse Aguayo scored the second goal for the home team. Before the end of the half, Anthony Roque scored a screamer from outside the box giving the Hawks the halftime lead 3-1.

At the start of the second half, the Rebels would go full pressure for the rest of the game. The offensive mind of the Rebels would pay off when Joe Quintanilla would scored the second goal for the visitors. With the score being at 3-2, the Rebels would continue to attack and were close multiple times in equalizing the score. However, the home team surprised the visitors with a counterattack that would bring their 4th goal of the game and scored by Mario Salcedo (2nd goal of the night) to put the Hawks up by 4-2.

The visiting Rebels would not give up and they would continue to put pressure on the defense and the home team began to clear the ball away from danger. At times, the Hawks controlled the possession of the ball by making runs to the corners of the field and just holding the ball and drawing free kicks and throw ins.

The Rebels determination to fight paid off when a penalty kick was awarded and scored by Kaylon Williams scored the 3rd for the visiting team. The fighting team spirit on the field displayed by both teams was very admirable to watch and the nationally ranked home team was able to hold on and earn the victory keeping them undefeated at home for the season.

Next up: The Hawks will host Eastside HS

Next up: The Rebels will host Littlerock HS

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