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Tough Day for Bolsa Grande's Matadors as Los Amigo's LOBOS storm them 3-1 at home

What started as a balanced game between the LOBOS varsity and MATADORS took a toll down a different road in 2nd half.

Despite testing the goalies and defense strength whole first half. The MATADORS had to change plans and so was coach Chris Sandro and Jesus Razo's side. The 2nd half had to yield something for the LOBOS. Their Junior Varsity team already defeated the Matadors 15-0 in the game right before.

LOBOS opener came in when Francisco Lopez aka Pancho converted a PK thanks to the tackle in the goalie box. Moments later, a fouls 30 yards from the goal saw Pancho fire a canon top bins making it a 2-0 lead for the LOBOS.

Hungry for a comeback, the MATADORS kept pressing the LOBOS. They kept pressing on the LOBOS defensive line. Their luck came through when goalie Brandon Sanchez tried to find a player or place to clear the back pass he had received. Lucky for the quick reaction from MATADORS forward, he was able to capitalize on the opportunity and turned the deficit to half.

Moments later, Jesus Olague found Johnathan Alarcon who tapped in the cross to finish the game with a 3-1 victory for the LOBOS.

LOBOS face their rivals CAVALIERS away on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at Santiago High School while MATADORS face LA Quinta's AZTECS at home.

Photos of the games are available here: LOBOS x MATADORS

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