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LAFC clinched another W at Banc with Arango registering the fastest goal in LAFC History

In less than 45 seconds Cristian Arango already fired up the fans with a one goal lead against Real Salt Lake. The immediate connection with Bryce Duke from outside the 18 caused a shake up in the Real Salt Lake defense.

26 minutes later Real Salt Lake reorganized themselves and managed to secure an equalizer that only lasted 2 minutes before Arango put LAFC back to the top.

Going back and forth with missed opportunities from both sides, Anderson Julio finally got a pocket to tie the game for Real Salt Lake 3 minutes after second half. The two teams seemed to put up a big show the entire time until Real Salt Late Toni Datkovic reset a play to the goalie David Ochoa which seemed to have been a miss-communication, leading to an own goal sealing the team’s fate at the Banc of California.

The game ended in a 3-2 in favor of LAFC.


Cristian Arango scored in 20 seconds recording the fastest goal in LAFC history. Bryce Duke showed consistency in this game and how dangerous he could be as a midfielder


  • 1’ -LAFC- Cristian Arango | WATCH

  • 28’ - RSL- Damir Kreiach | WATCH

  • 30’- LAFC- Cristian Arango | WATCH

  • 48’-RSL- Anderson Julian | WATCH

  • 59’-OG- Toni Datkovic | WATCH


  • LAFC: Away vs Austin : Wednesday, September 15| 6pm ET

  • RSL: Away vs San Jose Earth : Wednesday, September 15| 7:30pm ET


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