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ACFC beats Liga MX femenil powerhouse Tigres Femenil

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The friendly match between ACFC and Tigres Femenil brought good history for women's soccer here in Los Angeles. Tigres coming from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and currently ranked 3rd in the Liga MX femenil, came out strong and hungry to beat the American team.

"We prepared just like we would any other regular season game." - Tigres Head Coach Carmelina Moscato

The 1st half consisted of solid possession from both teams, but it was safe to say Tigres came out dominating through their center mids switching the ball from one side of the field to the other. When asked in the press conference what ACFC Head coach, Freya Coombe thought about Tigres.

"Tigres moves the ball really well."

Key players like, Stephany Mayor (9) and Belen Cruz (18) had a lot to do with the attack and pace for Tigres. These two really stood out on the field by taking the ACFC players on and creating scoring opportunities for their Forward, Mia Fishel (10). Fishel used her speed by putting immense pressure on ACFC goalkeeper, Brittney Isenhour (1), resulting in a few scoring opportunities but none in the net. This resulted in the 1st half of the friendly match ending at 0-0.

The 2nd half started off strong for Tigres. However, it wasn't until some changes on the pitch happened for ACFC in the 56th minute. Energy from the ACFC attack, with players like, Savannah McCaskill, Ali Riley, Tyler Lussi, and Jun Endo changed the game completely for their team. Endo attacked and defended non-stop during her time in the game, and managed to get a few opportunities for herself and her team. It was clear that when these substitutes were made they brought possession and an attack for ACFC. This change of pace resulted in a goal for ACFC in the 78th minute from Savannah McCaskill (9) with an assist from Tyler Lussi (20) who managed to cross it in for her teammate. Once that goal was scored Tigres pressured their opponents and had a few more attempts at goal but didn't go in their favor. Ending the friendly match at 1-0 ACFC.

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