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Did you know that Adidas started producing soccer/football cleats in 1924?

Another cool fact is that, in the 1966 WORLD CUP approximately 75% of soccer players wore Adidas boots to play the beautiful game.

In current time, they have come up with the X 17+ PURESPEED FG (Firm Ground) soccer cleats; a COLDBLOODED pack!

Most soccer players look for a comfortable, light weight and durable soccer boot.

Background: Growing up playing barefoot in different parts of Kenya, I have come to appreciate light weight soccer shoes. Shoes that let me exercise speed and quick turns during play. Shoes that give me a sense of playing barefoot with less worries on injuries during games.

Why does the X 17+ PURESPEED standout for me?

For beginners, these cleats are a boost to the X 16+ PURECHAOS. " Their Synthetic and textile upper + Synthetic lining + Synthetic out-sole = less weight = easy mold to foot (barefoot like feeling) = unleashing PURESPEED!!!

Thanks to their PURE CUT SOCK SYSTEM there is no need to worry about laces, since they are tucked and hidden.

X17+ PURESPEED have a thin layer of raised dots that makes controlling the ball in tough game conditions seem like a thing of the past! The pros call it NSG short for Non Stop Grip.

On the other hand, the stud configuration and heel lining are a great addition to quick transitions and balance during the game!

In addition to all these features, if you are in a rush to wear them then their tongue like compressed upper cut makes it easy to wear.

Getting to the point:

+ Costs $280 (Adidas website)

+ Ankle lock with the compressed upper cut

+ Comfortable (No need to break as is the case with most cleats)

+ Light weight for speed and comfortable game play

+ Great design for additional beauty

+ NSG- for precise ball control

+ Available in different colors for style preference ;)

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