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Kelly Garzon


From a tender age of 5, soccer has been a pivotal component of Kelly's life, commencing from joining the local soccer club, continuing through junior college participation, and eventually representing a four-year university team.

Her journey in soccer underwent a riveting shift when she was introduced to beach soccer and subsequently enlisted in Beach Soccer LA. This opportunity set the stage for international travel and competing at the highest level with the USA Beach Soccer National Team. Alongside her exhilarating career on sand pitches, she has demonstrated dedication as a part-time coach, deriving tremendous satisfaction from nurturing player talents primarily in the distinct and demanding conditions of beach soccer whose advantages outshine the conventional training methods.

Adjacent to her sporting engagements, she has also cultivated her abilities in the media space. Having a background in UX, copywriting, and content creation has permitted her to adapt to various functions in marketing and creative sectors. These experiences have not only refined her understanding of soccer but have also furnished her with a broad range of skills applicable in media-related fields, enabling her to convey her fervor and insights through assorted creative platforms.

Through FieldTalk, she is provided with an avenue to express her unique outlook on the sport by intertwining on-field happenings with insightful narratives to encapsulate the sport's true essence.

Kelly Garzon
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