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What Does today's Playoff win mean to LAFC/LA GALAXY

We all know one game can go either direction but the past has yet to haunt LAFC or have them break free and claim LA for a long time if not permanently.

Photo by GIlbert

No doubt, LAFC has stamped the MLS record in two years by becoming the best team in MLS this year! They have acquired the supports shield and now their mission is to knock down the ferrari aka Zlatan Ibrahimovic and LA GALAXY.

photo by Gilbert

LA GALAXY on the other hand, barely made it to the playoffs, they have just won their last game vs Minnesota United. While tha might not be enough to earn them an MLS CUP but beating LAFC at the bank would definitely give them more bragging rights as the best team in LA for a very long time.

photo by Gilbert

Both teams have weakness and strengths that have seen them to where they currently are. Here are two:

LA GALAXY has conceded a lot of goals and barely made the playoffs due to their defence. Zlatan is known to step up his game whenever they play LAFC, tonight will be no different and he is expected to give Tyler Miller a hard time.

LAFC has a lot of patience in their style of play which may help them or become a huge nightmare if LA GALAXY puts too much pressure on them. On the bright side, this has worked for them in many of past games hence they are shining with the Supporters Shield.

This game will definately be intense and will keep everyone on their toes. Who do we think will be crowned the LA champ this season?

We will update this after the game...

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