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Tough day for LOBOS as the INDIANS take home all the glory

It all started with the LOBOS JV. The Indians seemed to have been well prepared for the big field and attacked with a lot of comfort.

Admittedly at the end of the game, some of the LOBO players felt the field was a little out of their comfort. LOBOS suffering cramps in the game and missed opportunities.

The Indians on the other side were not forgiving on their attacks. They were fast to get on every ball, beating the LOBOS JV.

It may be safe to say the LOBOS JV tried hard to fight the loosing battle but in the end, the outcome was in favor of the Indians who took home a 3-0 victory.

Like that was not enough, the Varsity took to the field to avenge the JV, but it all fell short of 3-2 victory to the Indians.

The game kicked off with a bang. Fransisco Lopez was the first to raise the crowd with a power banger from the right Conner of the 18 box. His goal could have used a VAR but lucky enough the linesman with eagle eyes caught it on time to call it in.

LOBOS Varsity lead for a bit before the three knights or warriors from the Indians side kept pushing the defenders until they were broken.

LOBOS suffered a 3-2 loss away. The next game is away vs Huntington Beach High School.

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