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The LA Galaxy fall 2-1 to the Seattle Sounders at home.

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The highly anticipated match between LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders ended with a 2-1 victory for the visitors. Sounders opened the scoring early on, making it difficult for the hosts to fight back.

Subbing in Douglas Costa in the dying minutes, Galaxy scored their only goal at the last minute thanks to Jean Neal's first MLS goal.

Despite this, Manager Greg openly expressed his disappointment in the referees for overlooking a clear penalty call that could have allowed for an equalizing goal.


With 5 games played, Galaxy have yet to pick up a victory this season; with 3 ties and two losses, their winning probability for their next match against Houston Dynamo on April 8th at the PNC Stadium in Texas is only 34%, while they have a 28% probability of tying.

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