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Rice Program Kick Off

Updated: May 29, 2020

We kicked off the rice program by working with Uweza Aid Foundation to feed 40 families in Kibera.

Uweza Aid Foundation empowers children and youth in Kibera, Kenya to pursue a path to a better future through the discovery and development of their talents and abilities.

Our Kenyan team comprising of Divinah Nyaboke, Frank Omichoki, Shiko Tyras and Esther Oyugi made sure the purchasing, transportation and distribution ran smoothly.

The team met up with one of Uweza FC coaches to hand over the rice and learn about the programs they offer to the community.

Uweza Foundation plays a big role in shaping the youths in Kibera through their talent search and nurturing in the fields of fine arts, sports and music to name but a few.

We are going to reach more families every week by offering 100 kgs per groups of 40 families.

We have also created a gofundme page to help support the Rice Program. Here is a link to contribute

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities or ways to help Uweza Foundation

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