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The stage was set for a very exiting and hard fought match between the two leading teams in the conference. The Quartz Hill Rebels (7-2, 464th US, 178th CA), with a four game winning streak, earned a tough victory versus a very difficult Eastside Lions (5-3-1, 684th US, 270th CA), by the score of 2-1.

From the start of the match, both teams started to physically challenge each other, in which the referee had no doubt about giving warnings to the players and issuing multiple yellow cards to both teams.

The first goal was scored by Rocco Hong-Baltier (Jr) from short distance and assisted by Jason Montoya (Jr). The lions continued to push forward and were able to tied the game before half time.

In the second half, the lions would continue to give the rebels a hard fought match and tested the goalkeeper, Divontae Williams (Jr), in multiple occasions. The keeper had five saves throughout the game and only conceded one goal.

The rebels continued to maintained their defensive composure and would counterattack the lions just to be denied by the defense. However, their efforts would eventually paid of.

Senior Victor Jimenez, redirected a cross to the far post that found Damien Montoya (So) making the run and scored the winning goal for the rebels.

With this victory, the rebels are now in first place in the conference with two more victories than Palmdale High School and Eastside High School.

Coach Rob Gonzalez stated the following after the match, "I am very proud of the boys, they were willing to continue to fight and compete until the final whistle. We did not execute enough in the attacking 3rd and in the box, but we came up with two big goals that were enough. Eastside is a great opponent and always gives us a tough game and I wish them and coach Luis good luck for the final five games."

Next game: Quartz Hill @ Antelope Valley High School on 1/24/20 @ 4:30pm

Next game: Eastside vs Palmdale on 1/24/20 @ 4:30pm

Photography by William Ortiz

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