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Palmdale Claims Golden League Championship

The falcons earned their Golden League Championship by defeating the rebels by the score of 1-nil. The goal would be scored by Brian Trujillo in the 18th minute of the first half when a foul inside the box was called by the referee of the match.

The rest of the match would be very difficult for the rebels. The falcons defense would denied the rebels the ability to connect with their senior forward, Victor Jimenez. The rebels would be forced play close to the sidelines and the falcons would clear any attempts made to get the ball to Jimenez.

The falcons defensive tactics were almost perfectly executed. The wingers were forced to send crosses into the box, but each and every time, the ball would be cleared by the center backs, keeping the rebels at bay.

In the second half, the Rebels would get a chance to tie the game when a penalty kick was called. Kaylon Williams would get the call to put the rebels back into the game. However, the kick would go high and to the left of the goal. The rebels continue to push forward to try to obtain that lone goal that would make them Golden League Champs, however, the falcons keeper would make multiple saves to earn the clean sheet and become the MVP of the match for the falcons.

The falcons and rebels will await to see whom they will be paired with for the upcoming CIF playoffs.

Photography by William Ortiz

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