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LOBOS beat Rebels to earn second straight Win

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

With the rain pouring today, the Los Amigos High School aka LOBOS seemed ready and determined to win despite Rebels hard push throughout the game.

On the JV side, Savana High School aka Rebels opened the scoring by capitalizing on the defensive mistake from The LOBOS.

The LOBOS pushed up and kept attacking till Derek Garcia found the back of the net, making it a tie in the first half.

The Varsity side was no deferent. Rebels were a tough opponent who weren’t backing down. Despite being down 3 goals, they managed to come back in the second half determined and ready to make it harder for the LOBOS.

The Varsity second half was a tough tie but great win for LOBOS thanks to the early 3 goals.

The JV side was a little more paced with their quick passes and out ran the REBELS.

The final whistle blew with LOBOS adding 3 goals in the second half making it a 4-2 win.

LOBOS play Beckman away next week at 3pm.

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