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LAFC Win's 7th Home Opening Game

Updated: Feb 29

As LAFC prepared to kick off their MLS campaign season, the anticipation was at an all-time high. Fans flooded the stadium, eager to witness history in the making as the team faced off against their Western Conference rivals, the Seattle Sounders.

A Farewell to a Legend

One of the highlights of the match was the retirement ceremony for Italian legend Giorgio Chiellini, who had played two seasons with LAFC. With over twenty years of experience under his belt, Chiellini was a true legend of the game. The retirement ceremony was a bittersweet moment for fans, as they bid farewell to one of their all-time favorites.

Embracing a New Beginning

As one door closed for Chiellini, another one opened for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The talented keeper was set to make his MLS debut in the opening match, stepping into the spotlight and ready to showcase his skills on the field. Fans were excited to see what Lloris would bring to the team and how he would help lead them to victory.

LAFC's attacking prowess was on full display throughout the match, with the team constantly threatening Seattle's defense. Their ability to maintain consistent pressure on the opposing goal showcased their determination to score and secure a win. Hugo Lloris, LAFC's goalkeeper, also played a crucial role in the team's attacking strategy. His quick distribution after making saves allowed LAFC to swiftly transition from defense to attack, catching Seattle off guard numerous times.

In a crucial moment just before halftime at the 44th minute, LAFC broke the deadlock. Left defender Omar Campos, a new young incoming transfer, outmaneuvered the Seattle defense, sending a cross to Tillman who was open on the back post to score, putting LAFC ahead 1-0. The crowd erupted in applause, boosting the team going into the second half.

Continuing from the first half attacking performance, LAFC fired right away with their attack and it took until the 56th minute when Mateusz Bogusz created a banger of an opportunity to place the ball upper ninety on the back post to extend LAFC’s lead to 2-0. A very intensive moment came around at the 67th minute as Jordan Morris had a breakaway towards Lloris when out of nowhere Center Back Long came in with a challenge and Jordan Morris goes to ground leaving the Seattle players screaming at the head referee as he did not rule it as a penalty. The VAR Decision: Four minutes later after checking VAR, the penalty was awarded to substitute de la Vega in which he put the ball into the back of the net and putting Seattle down by only one goal. Nathan Ordaz Debut One of the standout moments of the match came when 19-year-old Nathan Ordaz, a player from LAFC II, made his first professional MLS appearance. Despite his young age, Ordaz showed great composure and skill on the field, making a significant impact in the few minutes he played. Closing Moments Overall, LAFC's debut MLS opening match was a memorable and thrilling encounter. With the narrow scoreline, LAFC effectively managed the game's tempo to stave off Seattle's advances and secure a 2-1 win. This triumph sets the stage for an exciting season ahead for LAFC and their supporters. LAFC set another an MLS record by winning 7 home opening games.

Goals: LAFC: Tillman 44', Bogusz 56' Seattle: De la Vega 73'


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