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LAFC kicks off preseason with a tie vs New England Revolution

Steve Cherundolo’s era began with a tie against the New England Revolution at the Banc Of California on Saturday Jan 29th, 2022 at 12pm.

“It was day one as far as preseason matches go…” these were coach Cherundolo’s opening remarks at the end of the 1-1 tie game. He went on to express that he was happy with the results and that they took a lot from it.

25 minutes into the game, Murillo was sent off on a straight red but LAFC held their own until a sub was allowed by the New England Revolution.

Despite Mamadou Fall replacing Murillo, at the 32nd minute, the already goal hungry Adam Buksa fought his way to tap in a goal giving the visitors a 1-0 lead just before end of first half.

The second half saw the return of Opoku as well as an opportunity for the second line up comprising of fresh young players ready to turn things around.

The fresh legs were out to perform and they did not disappoint. They created lots of attacking opportunities displaying huge promising performance for the upcoming season.

At the 86th minute, Mamadou converted a penalty giving LAFC a late equalizer and ending the thrilling game in a 1-1 tie.

Our take:

It is too early to analyze the coach and the team, however LAFC seems well put together for the season.

Opoku came back hungry for goals

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