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Jonathan Dos Santos gives LA Galaxy a 3.7 magnitude earthquake finish in 2-1 win over rivals LAFC

Updated: May 13, 2021

LA Galaxy remains unbeaten at home after defeating LAFC 2-1 in their first El-Traffico of the 2021 MLS season.

Both teams prepared a clash of the Titans with top players; Captain Vela and Mexico national team all time top scorer Chicharito anticipated to out win each other.

Chicharito was the first to see the back of the net with an assist created from Mario’s won tackle from Cifuentes - just 10 minutes into the game. With the opening goal, Chicharito moved to the top rank of the MLS top scoreboard within just 5 games. At this rate of scoring, we are interested to see who will be MLS top scorer at the end of the season.

Despite the game ending in 1-0 in the first half, coach Bob Bradley pointed out that he thought LAFC controlled the game in the first 45 minutes.

Second half was an all in or go home for both teams as they put in more attacks and defense pressure every minute of the game.

The LAFC equalizer came in at the 62nd minute when Rossi got a touch from Corey Baird, setting him up for a power shot that deflected into the goal, earning Diego Rossi one goal in the MLS 2021 season.

Finally, the ground shaking goal came in at the 78th minute; Chicharito’s blind pass found Jonathan Dos Santos who powered in the winning goal ending the game literally, in a ground shaking 3.7 magnitude earthquake.

Later after the game, LAFC head coach Bob Bradley gave a summary of the game and pointed out the mistake that lead to the team conceding the last goal.

“ ...We pushed the game in the second half, in a good way, until the careless moment we let them take the lead...” coach Bob Bradley remarked.

LA Galaxy has an away game at hand vs their rivals LAFC at the Banc of California on August 28th at 5pm. Will LA Galaxy win the debut again?

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