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Jonás dos Santos and the Galaxy gang is Back.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

During this pandemic it’s been a bit difficult time after the loss against LAFC 6-2 in Orlando. LA Galaxy has adapted and remained focused with the come back, they are stronger and also, had been keeping in shape during this experience of social distancing to prepare for yesterday’s big win over local city rival.

Yes, it’s a new experience playing without fans but it depends on us

“ Yes, it’s  a new experience playing without fans but it depends on us,” said Jonathan Dos Santos, LA Galaxy and Mexican National Team Midfielder. 

Dos Santos, and the gang are back and happy. Julian Araujo, Sebastian Lietget and Ethan Zubak goal scorer of the first goal and newly day back this season. Araujo with 2 assists and excitement to the match for his team, this win. It being important for them, is also the start to a fresh clean league since last years unfortunate one. 

Now the challenge is to maintain the spirit of the team high, during the pandemic’s hopeful ending phases. - Via CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention Center.)  

“ We saw the game, analyzed the other team, we’ve been training for the passed two weeks since Orlando.” Said LA Galaxy Coach Guillermo Barros Schchetto after yesterday’s victory in Press Conference. 

The team continues to celebrate today’s win, it being the first victory against a great rival this season back. This great win is exciting for them as a team and community including the left out fans from the stadiums.

Meanwhile in LA the pandemic protocols are still being followed. The team feels good coming back with the main objective being for LA Galaxy to move forward and with lots of consistency. 

“ It’s been an intense week, yes, we have been  focused on this.” Indicating the Rivary in LA, said, Ethan Zubak 

The victory and shootout was very important for Galaxy this weekend but the team will continue to keep the rhythm going and now focus for a Wednesday match where they also wish to obtain likewise results. 

Yesterday’s, noteworthy win, ended the video press Conference with great energy for this upcoming season starting again on Wednesday. 

“ We focused on everyone., the entire other team not just Carlos Vela.” Said Lietget, MVP ( most valuable player) and goal scorer of the second goal. When asked how they prepared for Carlos Vela not LAFC.

photos by LA GALAXY.

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