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El traffico ends in a tie

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Sunday, October 3rd LA Galaxy hosted rivals LAFC in one of LA’s biggest sporting events, “El Trafico”.

Kicking off at Dignity Health Sports Park and in less than 10 minutes into “El Trafico”, LAFC received a free kick in minute 9:40 outside of the eighteen. Defended by LA Galaxy, LAFC maintained possession by getting a corner kick out of the situation in minute 10:04. Which then resulted in a goal from Mbacke (LAFC) who managed to head the ball into the back of the net.

Minute 10:04 attacking midfielder Victor Vazquez (LA Galaxy) slid a through ball to Samuel Grandsir (LA Galaxy) where Grandsir having so much composure took on the goalkeeper and had a right foot finish. Making it 1-1. Although the first period had plenty of opportunities from Arajuo (Galaxy) and Alvarez(Galaxy), Rodriguez (LAFC) had a huge stand out moment when he had a 1v1 with goalkeeper Bond who saved it and was then cleared out by his defender Depuy. LAFC continued anticipating scoring opportunities… Minute 30:23, Edwards(LAFC) took a freekick that perfectly landed onto Arango’s head that was just shy of a goal. Foul after foul, and with little to no cards given, Arango (LAFC) went into a tackle against Hamalainen (LA Galaxy), which resulted in Hamalainen holding above his ankle for over 5 minutes. Ending the first period battle of LA at 1-1.

Right off the bat, LAFC did not shy away from their opponents, even with being the ‘away team’. Seconds into the 2nd half, Arango made LA Galaxy fans know that their team was hungry. Following that missed opportunity, Blessing (LAFC) and Cifuentes (LAFC) in minute 53 also made sure they were present and hungry for another goal as well. Moments after minute 60, Grandsir (LA Galaxy) hit a corner kick where defender Depuy headed the ball and came so close to scoring but hit the left post. One minute after, LAFC’s Cifuentes took two players on, passing it across the grain to Dos Santos who shoots and gets his shot saved by Blackman(LAFC). Both teams went back and forth but by the end of the 90th minute neither team managed to finish their chances. Ending the game with a final score of 1-1.

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