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LAFC loses at home to L.D. Alajuelense but advances to the Concacaf Champions League Quarterfinal

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

After LAFC traveled to Costa Rica to play L.D. Alajuelense in their country at their home stadium for the Concacaf Champions League's first leg, the Los Angeles team came into this second leg with the lead by pulling off a 3-0 win and Bouanga with a hat trick. Now, it was L.D. Alajuelense turn to travel to the United States, and play LAFC at their home stadium (BMO Stadium) with hopes to turn the second leg score around and come out on top.

Within seconds of the game starting, LAFC had an opportunity at goal by Croatian Forward, Stipe Buik. However, the Alajuelense team did not let that discourage them. They attacked right away, causing some chaos in the box for LAFC defenders, with a shot on goal that was luckily deflected by an LAFC defender. But, questionable to the ref and Alajuelense players that there was a potential hand ball, arguing that the hand ball played a role in that deflection. This was VAR worthy checking and was decided to be a penalty kick. Captain, Giancarlo Gonzalez went up to take the penalty kick and confidently placed it into the back of the net. 1-0 lead for L.D. Alajuelense.

Throughout the entire first half, LAFC continued to attack Alajuelense's defense but did not manage to get the goal. With missed opportunities from Carlos Vela, Opoku Kwadwo, Timothy Tillman, and with the most chances, Stipe Biuk. Remaining a 1-0 for L.D. Alajuelense but a combined score of a 3-1 lead for LAFC.

Changes were made for LAFC going into the second half. Usual goal-scoring starter, Denis Bouanga did not start the first half but went in Opoku Kwadwo in second half. Moments into the second half, the attack for LAFC had higher energy and it could be possible that Bouanga may have been the reason for this high energy for LAFC team. However, it wasn't enough when L.D. Alajuelense midfielder, Aaron Suarez took a shot on frame, was rebounded by LAFC's goalkeeper, McCarthy and Suarez managed to hit it again and this time get the goal. Making it a 2-0 win on the scoreboard for L.D. Alajuelense but still a 3-2 lead for LAFC. This, however, was getting close for LAFC... a little too close for the Los Angeles team.

Both teams went back and forth, until Carlos Vela managed to get the ball at his feet, inside the box, and a clear goal-scoring opportunity, that he managed to score. Scoreboard being 2-1 L.D. Alajuelense but overall lead of 4-2 for LAFC. Although, L.D. Alajuelense had many opportunities following that goal in the 82nd minute, it just wasn't going into the back of the net. Resulting to a final score of 2-1 but overall score of 4-2 for LAFC. Now moving onto the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions League.

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