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4 World Guinness Records and a handful of tittles; Meet Tasha-Nicole Terani

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Our reporter Wendy Pintor met up with Nicole Terani the 4 time world Guinness holder for ball control and here is how it went down.

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and how you started playing and coaching soccer.

Tasha-Nicole Terani, 4 x Guinness World Records Holder in Soccer and 2x European World Champion in Soccer. CEO of the TNT Soccer System and Founder of the Every Child’s Dream Foundation 501 c3 for orphaned and abandoned babies and children. Current Guinness World Title Holder for Fastest Nutmegs in Soccer by a male or female! Tasha-Nicole is also a United Nations Special Envoy for Peace through Soccer.

I’ve loved soccer since I was 3 years old. I grew up in a very competitive environment. With two older brothers and a father that pushed us to be our best at everything we do. Soccer is and always has been such a positive outlet for me!

Giving me direction by helping me to focus on my talent and not my circumstance! Now as a trainer I strive to project all of those positive aspects onto my students. The gift of playing sports and the gift of life. Training mentally and physically to help to build something that will last far beyond their current team and or circumstance.

I was adopted at age 2 from an orphanage in Tehran, Iran

2.) Where are you from?

I was adopted at age 2 from an orphanage in Tehran, Iran. I was brought to the United States soon after. I grew up in a beautiful town north of Los Angeles. By age 18 I was modeling full time so I moved to New York and traveled from New York to Milan for jobs quite frequently. I decided to move back to Los Angeles in 2003 to start my soccer business in a place I knew well. I felt an advantage in Los Angeles because I was raised here. California at the time was the mecca of Soccer talent!

3.) How is women’s soccer in your country or state treated?

Women’s soccer in the United States is booming! More and more young girls and boys are playing soccer than ever before. Soccer is now in the top three chosen sports for kids in the United States.

Soccer is universal and it will continue to grow in the U.S for years to come!

4.) How have you and others dealt with soccer because of COVID-19?

I can say that Covid has helped my training in many ways. I’ve had to come up with new soccer drills and new ways to perform old soccer drills.

It challenges you as a trainer to up your game! Forcing you to get creative and keep it interesting for the kids. Meanwhile, staying light hearted and helping them through a very tough time

Soccer for many is a way a life! It’s a club that you join with members in every country in the world!

5.) Briefly add any other comments.

Soccer for many is a way a life! It’s a club that you join with members in every country in the world!

That kind of global reach offers a connection and a confidence for us. You’re not just joining your local team, you’re connecting on a global scale.

Instagram @tntsoccersystem

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