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4-0 and a thrilling fireworks end as LA Galaxy defeat the visiting CF Montreal at DHSP.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

LA Galaxy defeat CF Montreal 4-0 on the 4th of July night with Javier Hernandez, Dejan Joveljic and Rayan Raveloson each scoring 1 goal, 1goal ,and 2 goals consecutively.

CF Montreal kicked off the game at high pace creating and missing game changing chances at the first few minutes of the game, However things quickly took a wild turn when Javier Hernandez open the scoring at the 8th minute of the game thanks to the lob pass from Grandsir to Efrain who flicked the header that found already open Javier.

LA Galaxy took charge of the game moving forward making it a hard game for CF Montreal to come back into. The host then went ahead and added another goal from a VAR decided penalty that Dejan Joveljic was happy to add to the lead.

After missing a few times in front of goal, Rayan converted a clever pass from Julian Araujo that made it 3-0 in the 49th minute of the game.

Like that wasn't over, a build up from Raheem to Sasha to Arajulo then back to Sasha who gave a chicky assist to Rayan who converted it to 4-0 giving him two goals in the night.

The game ended in a thrilling fireworks show for the fans.

LA Galaxy will be facing their next door rivals LAFC in a El Traffic match away at the Banc Of California Stadium on July 8th at 7pm.

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