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SpeedGrip® Insoles

I have used these amazing insoles for every game since I received them from Storeli in November 2017.

That would mark 1 year and a 45 days give or take.

Why talk about them when all shoes come fitted with insoles?

The Storeli insoles provide the best grip, they are long lasting, they blend in with your feet you don't realize you have them on!

The tongue they have is very stylish, of great design and has not lost the storeli logo one bit!

I play futsal every single day. For those that play the game you can agree with me futsal is greatly demanding, just like basketball, you have to transition very fast, be on your toes 24/7 and have the right mentality and sharpness. The game demands abrupt change of pace and movements hence a better connection with your shoes.

The storeli insoles have been on my scrutiny for a year and now I can for sure say they are the best insole for soccer, football or any game that demands running and making sharp breaks! You can easily take them off and fit them to your cleats for a fun zero slip and slide of your feet while enjoying the beautiful game.

Whats next?

We are yet to try are the storeli grip socks! We shall be able to give you a full review and comparison once we get a grip of them!

Use the link below to get yourself some grips!!!

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