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Great start for the LOBOS

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Less than ten minutes into the game Derrick Garcia was the first to shake the net with an assist from Leonardo Mejia.

The Aztecs tried to put it together and pull up a fight back with the coach making some subs and trying long passes that made it to the Lobos.

The Lobos capitalized on this and gave the Aztecs no time to rest or get into the game spirit. Attack after the other build up the Lobos as the Aztecs got more discouraged and out of the game.

Great flow of passes from the defence to midfield to the attacking positions, resets and keeping the ball at an almost 99% of the time made the Lobos game more fun to watch.

The Lobos players seemed to be insync with each other as they flooded the Aztecs goalkeeper with shots and close range 1v1s one of which one saw the back of the net thanks to Big Jesus as the team call Jesus Olage.

The great wall of Jiovanny Franco and Bryan Cabrera proved unreachable thanks to the strong and lined up midfielders that gave no room for the Aztecs to control or enjoy the play.

Another outstanding thing from the Lobos was the number of players that Lobos had on the bench and their willingness to sub out in less that 10 minutes each or per goal.

Arturo Mota for instance subben in for Miguel Ruiz and in under 10 minutes he was rotated to Midfield, forward and defence. That did not stop him from securing two goals and earning a man of the match for his team and himself.

The supersub Sebastian Guerrero got into the game and in two minutes he earned himself a goal.

With the past games considered, It is safe to say this is becoming a tendency for the LOBOS.

A whopping of 15 to 1 last season and 13 goals to none this season is evident that Aztecs are a no match for Lobos.

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