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Is this a LAFC or Real Salt Lake playoff?

There's always first time for everything, and so is this playoff game for LAFC.

How great will this be for LAFC getting to experience the 1st playoffs in the club history at home. (Banc Of California Stadium).

Think about it for a moment, the fan base being lead by the 3252, will be taking center stage. They will be vibrant all throughout the game, adding intensity to the already going to be an intense atmosphere for the away team.

Real Salt Lake, barely made playoffs thanks to the Houston Dynamos win over LA Galaxy. Their previous game record shows less away wins and to top it off, they have lost the two times they played LAFC. (5-1 in March and 2-0 in August)

This does show they Real Salt Lake have been getting better and might be ready for the playoffs.

However,if an overall performance play a role, Real Salt Lake have Won 3 away games, Lost 11 and Tied 3. That does not look good on their books and will definately be walking into the pitch as underdogs hoping to turn things around with a nothing to lose attitude.

3rd in the Western Conference, LAFC on the other hand have had a great inaugural season. Out of 17 games played at home, LAFC have Won 16 games, Tied 7 and Lost one.

LAFC players to watch: C. Vela, L. Nguyen and D. Rossi

RSL players to watch: A. Rusnak, D. Kreilach, J. Plata

In general this is going to be a tough game for both sides but only one team will have to win it.

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