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Thiery Henry in the battle between Les Blues and The Belgian Reddevils

This is a tough spot to be at. Assist in eliminating your countrymen or get beat and still be seen as a traitor...

Thiery Henry is a living Legend in the French soccer community. Who doesnt know that?

He was among the players that brought the trophy home in the world cup 1998 hosted by France.

Besides that, he has done major contribution to the French team including inspiring young French players the likes of Mbape, Giroud among others.

Some people feel the opposite of Henry being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Henry is an enemy of France, some say.

Before taking the job in 2016, Henry must have known Begium playing France was prone to happen.

Being a patriotic guy, he should have declined the offer and may be seek opportunies in the Franch national team.

To add to it Henry has admited that he was interested in replacing Wenger. To make this happen, Henry got his A license, and now putting in work to show he is ready. If things go well him, which seems to be, he may join the likes of Zizou who started as an assistant coach in Real Madrid and ended his team with the Champions League victory.

What would you do?

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