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Will Mexico step up against the Champions?

Group of death starts in a matter of hours. Germany being the defending champions, the bar is set on their favour. To add to it, History doesnt make things look good for Mexico. But then again do I say?

Mexico have faced Germany thrice now and have not been on the favourite side. In 1978, Germany whooped Mexico 6-0 during the group stages. In 1998, Mexico got whooped again 2-1 during the round of 16. If you are following a pattern, you will notice Mexico have been getting better.

On their last encounter, the Tri managed to loose 4-1 through penalties. This was after the game ended in a no goal tie for both teams.

In the last 5 starting games in the worldcup, Mexico have won 4 and drew 1.

German's record inspires less hopes for Mexico but then every team have 11 players on the field both working towards one goal, bring the trophy home!

Who do you think stands a chance?

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