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What's next for REAL MADRID?

Is this the perfect moment to stand down? Are there forces behind Zizou stepping down after a 3 consecutive Champions League win?

Players, fans and the management team were and are still shocked at Zizou's decision.

"Everything changes, and that's why i took this decision" Zizou was telling the news conference.

Zizou felt it was the right moment for everyone involved with the Club.

When asked if CR7 and Bales comments after the win may have influenced his decision, he gave a comfortable "no".

A while back he had said that he would walk away if there's nothing more to give. Does this mean he has nothing else to offer Real Madrid?

Could there be more to it?

Lots of speculation that Zizou was tired of not being able to call some shots at the club.

On the flip side of the coin, it was going to be end of an era for Zizou had Real Madrid lost to PSG at the round of 16 in the Champions League.

Given the La Liga record, Zizou must have been on the hot seat hence winning the Champions league and quitting while still on the top would give him the best glory moments.

A plus for the coach, Zizou joins the likes of Bob Paisley (former Liverpool) and Carlo Ancelotti who have won three times in Champions League/European Cup. Ancelotti won with Juve and Real.

Zizou's achievements in the two and half years at Real Madrid as the head coach is impeccable. He has balled compared to Pep, Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson who have been in the game for a while only to achieve two champions league trophies in their long terms.

It must have been disappointing for Perez to learn all these a day before the announcement. The president liked Zizou so much he wanted to give him more than a year as the head coach.

"I would love for him to be by my side forever." Words from the president himself...

This means looking for a new head coach and fear of losing two or more players; Cr7, Bale and Marcelo. Marcelo seems to want to walk if CR7 walks.

Could Zidane's exit affect LOS BLACOS?

Tough times at LOS BLANCOS...

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