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NEMEZIZ 17+ Ocean Storm

The adidas Nemeziz 17.1 cleats have been released for the 2017-2018 season and without a doubt they have become one of the top selling shoes in the business.

So much talk had come about these boots that I had to try them out myself, excuse me for being old school but I had to stick with laces on my cleats.

Out of the few color ranges available I decided to go with the Ocean Storm Pack which consists of the same unique design but with a navy blue and yellow color way throughout it. Physically the boot overall looks peculiar yet amazing at the same time.

Getting to the specifics, the stud pattern on shoes consists of half circles spread evenly throughout the bottom of the boot to keep the player well balanced. The inside is very comfortable and at first may seem a bit strange around the ankle if as an individual are not used to this structure as I was. However after a couple of days of practice the shoes should fit to your style and adjust to the foot.

Adidas photos. If need be we can take them down

The outer layer of the boot is quite thin making it not too light or heavy at the same time, perfect for speedsters out on the pitch. The laces are relatively thin enough as to not interrupt with the format in which you strike or pass the ball. The shoe itself, based on the Torsion Frame at the bottom, is to play in any weather conditions and I must say that in sunny, rainy, muddy, and windy conditions the boot experiences a nominal change. Adidas said this boot was based firmly on agility and they were not wrong.

I would highly recommend these shoes if you are looking for relatively light boots that will give you that extra boost in your agility. If you are already a quick player these shoes may merely be a showcase for your pace.

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